tread lightly

you never really know somebody until you see all that they are. the little things they do every day that make up their entire being. who we are is a composition of the little things and the effect of our choices.
every decision affects your future and every action comes with consequences. so live your life to the fullest and never regret a moment.

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Matte Green Audi R8
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Long Sleeve Long Kimono
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"If you told me today our being together would result in heartbreak, I would still choose to be with you because I believe that truly living life is in the experiences, not the outcomes."
— Kathryn Vance-Perez (via purplebuddhaproject)
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NYFW S/S 2015 Street Style
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"I will not be your “sometimes”."
— Six Word Story #2 (via whispersofstardust)
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baked avocado fries
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Saxon Switzerland Morning - by: Lenka Nejedla